19/6/06 Anything but music

Yesterday, rehearsal with three Daves and a Norman for our set on the 30th. This one flowed well and we all seemed able to remember what we were supposed to do. Wandering round Dave Haswell’s cottage after a fall of rain, a sudden thought that I would like a more rural home, such as Madame wants. But then the practicalities – long drives, two cars etc …

Today, work went OK but was niggling. A lot of angry onesided exchanges with my computer, always a bad sign. Plague had, with some difficulty, rescheduled all his work so he could view a flat tomorrow; at the last minute today the agency called and said we’d have to reschedule for another day, which just isn’t practical for his work. I’d spoken to this woman three times, and formed an instant dislike of her.

In the evening, Jujutsu  cancelled, too late for me to go to the OOTB meeting, I had the feeling I should be working on a recording, so I do everything and anything to avoid it – shopping for an Ovation guitar on eBay, ripping CDs for Pest, clearing a third of my clothes into a bag for charity, and finally drinking wine and re-reading Brian Eno’s diary for the eleventy-millionth time. Evasion successful.

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