19/7/06 Military hubris

Ever got in a new car after long anticipation, and said ‘OK, let’s see what this can do?’  This article argues that the Israeli army (and, I’d bet, many other armies world-wide) have been frustrated at years of collecting high-tech equipment from their many benefactors but being unable to use it. Until they manufacture an excuse. ‘Real’ armies want to shape up against ‘real’ targets, not their rag-tag next door neighbours. Preferably ‘real’ armies. So are they really bent on squaring up to Syria and Iran? At the moment it seems not, and let’s hope that’s true.

Oh, yes, and music …  We were pipped at the post for a return engagement at the Book Festival Spiegeltent this year, but we have two gigs at BeanScene cafes on August 19th (Nicolson St 9:30) and 23rd (Haymarket 7:30).

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