19 February 2006

Some unwelcome attention to our house from ‘undesirable elements’ has led to much anxiety, discussions with the police, possible purchase of security equipment and many fantasies of booby traps and violent retribution. Not the sort of stuff I like swilling about my mind but it’s there anyway.

On a happier note, the Innocents reassembled, Nelson, Mary and Karen but no Lynsey, for the first time since September. A relaxed and enjoyable time at Mary’s flat, with no gigs to prepare for so no pressure. We ran through some familiar songs, then tried Come With Me, The Chase and Fingernails. With The Chase I  received once more the lesson that you never really know what a song is or how to play it until you play it to an audience, even if that’s only three other people. An audience is an integral part of the making of music, not something for a later stage. Then we branched out into a jam that included Take Me To the River, Get It On, All Tomorrow’s Parties and Jonathan Richman’s Cornerstore. I wonder if any of these will find their way into a live set? We set a date to meet again and decided we would like to find a gig.

For the benefit of the uneducated, the chorus of Corner Store goes:

Bom a nib a nib a nib way-oh
Bom a nib a nib a way-oh webbo
Bom a nib a nib a no
Corner store, corner store.

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