19 January 2006

Early rise, strong practice.

Work starts with a teleconference at 9 concerning the creation of a template for online delivery of accreditation exams in The System That Dares Not Speak Its Name. Unbelievably we’ve been working on this since June. We’re near completion, with the help of an expert in Holland, who was also on the telecon, but it’s ridiculous that it takes so long. Then onto a mini-project, a survey that’s been over-promised by a now-departing manager. Time for the exercise of the humanistic art called ‘managing expectations’.

Later in the morning a gas engineer calls to replace the meter. I knew he was coming, but most of his calls didn’t, due to Transco forgetting to send out letters to them. Understandably a number of them weren’t home or wouldn’t let him in, which is unfortunate for him as he is only paid when he changes a meter.

Afternoon, back to Javascript web development – weeks away from it and you can forget the syntax for the simplest tasks.

In the evening I honour a to-do written in December to play Out of the Bedroom once in January. I think this was my first public performance since September and, unusually, I was nervous. Perhaps that was because I decided I needed a challenge to actually get myself to go out and play, so the challenge was to to three songs using the New Standard Tuning. Two of the songs, IOU and At the Harbour, only presented themselves as candidates as I was going to bed the other night. They went OK, just. The third was Come With Me, a song of which I’m very fond, and it sounded rich and strong in the NST. I felt the evening was worthwhile when a woman came up to me afterwards and said the lyric of that song had a direct meaning to her. Also saw good sets by Jill Hepburn, who just gets better and better, and an Orkney duo using guitar and flute.

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