1 December 2005

Another day on home page design, trying to use ideas of a three-by-three grid and the Golden Section, just as R&D. Not so easy, really.

Had a serious attempt at solving the problems with my PC sound card which have stopped me doing any recording for weeks (well, it’s one factor).  Sound would either cut out after two or three minutes, or disconnect me from my network. I did a few things that people on forums advised me to do, and installed new drivers, which seemed to solve the main problem but led to me being unable to even open Cubase. So I removed and reinstalled that and the whole thing seems OK, but will need to test it over a couple of days.

In the evening, caught up with my only TV addictions, Lost and Rome. I enjoy ancient historical stuff, I always seem to be wondering ‘what if I had been born then, how would I have survived?’  ‘Not long’ is the answer.

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