1 February 2006

Early rising is slipping, to 6:10 this morning. This means my morning sit in silence is half-way through when the silence is punctured by Plague’s TV. I say ‘punctured’ but with effort it is still possible to hear the silence in my room even as I hear the stream of drivel from his. But it takes a lot of effort and is only successful for seconds at a time. I would prefer not to be so heroic, so I resolve to get up when my own alarm goes, not fifteen minutes after.

Two more question templates come into being this morning as I deal in an adult fashion with Javascript, respecting its rules and boundaries while not being reduced to a quivering jelly.

After lunch, into Edinburgh for a meeting then to Dunfermline to pick up my guitars. No sooner do I arrive home than Pestilence is back into Cubase to do some final edits to her composition. It amazes me – I show her once how to do something and she knows it. How unlike her father.

Two fried eggs and a piece of fried bread, and I’m off to Leith for a rehearsal with Tricia, Sean and Pete. After this we revert to fortnightly. It starts off well but gets bogged down with one song that’s been a struggle since we started playing together. But of more concern to me is that the guitar synth pickup isn’t sitting correctly on the guitar. It is too close to the fifth and sixth strings, and I can’t play them above the fifth fret. I can press it down and it’s OK for 30 seconds then it moves back. I’ll have to locate the tech when he visits an Edinburgh shop and get him to do it again. Bah!

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