20/04/06 To the Gait

After a day of Javascript and long phone calls, off to the Canon’s Gait for the first OOTB night. It was a success in every way I could see, reaching standing room only by halfway through the evening, taking advantage of the new PA, and featuring a stage big enough for, among others, the five-piece Innocents who made their return to OOTB with Fingernails and The Chase. Good memories came flooding back of the Full Moon Club and, before it, the Canon’s Gait Wednesday Music Night, both of which I’d enjoyed many times. As for the rest of the night, there weren’t many songs or performances that ‘floated my boat’ as the saying goes, but the important thing is that OOTB seemed to make a good transition from the Waverley.

The G is offering classes in guitar and meditation in Edinburgh; he’s a skilled and experienced teacher of both, so highly recommended (click the adverts to see full size).Meditation_nightclass_1

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