20/06/06 Idol again

Woo – the Dylan song reaches no 15 in American Idol’s Folk chart. Lookee here!

Apart from that I’ve been working all day and will be working all evening.

2 thoughts on “20/06/06 Idol again”

  1. congratulations norman! now all you need is for a big name to pick up on it and put it on their next album 🙂
    btw, i’m afraid johnny c is proving tricky to schedule/coordinate or whatever the word is. may have to put it on hold for a little while…
    Hi Alan – I’ll have more time after 13 July, when work has abated and I’m back from Vienna. N

  2. That’s FANTASTIC Norman! I’m really pleased for you, you deserve it! Thanks for putting ‘Melancholy Baby’on Radio Blog by the way – I’ve only just realised it’s there!

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