20 January 2005

Up 5:45 for sit and journal but ended up having a 5-minute nap on the floor before having a shower! I didn’t need to get up so early because Plague was off work (his radio comes on at 6:30 so if I want quiet I have to get up before that), but I like the fact that my body’s learning to get up after a lifetime of being comatose in the morning.

Put up a trial version of the accreditation exam on The System of Great Ineptitude which people are going to try for a week, so I can forget about it for a week. As if. Made progress with other projects and had glimmerings of understanding of a great wodge of Javascript I’d ‘borrowed’ from a web forum.

Afternoon, weekly review/regroup session covering all projects and wannados, both work and personal.

Took Madame to Stirling for an overnight at her dad’s, and headed into Edinburgh for a rehearsal with The Nameless Band. We seem to have one song, Raindance, down well, can’t make up our minds about I Sleep Alone, and started another new version of Hungry Ghosts. That song will have more versions than Blowing In the Wind. Finally enjoyed a short, jaggy songs of Sean’s on which I played quite demented guitar (simple, play each bar in a different key), and a soft, dreamy jam to finish.

We’re having dinner together next week to choose a name.

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