20 November 2005

Slept till 9, then sat with Madame’s Dad and Plague discussing the possibility of getting a new car. Then went out with Plague to get some wipers and things for his car and look at laptops, but pulled back from the brink of spending.

In the afternoon, clearing out the hall cupboard; we started this last weekend, there’s a great feeling of satisfaction in making space where there was clutter and bidding farewell to things you thought you had to keep because they might come in handy. Yesterday we’d done the same in Pestilence’s room, while she was away on an abseiling/gorgewalking weekend. Fortunately when she returned she was delighted with what we’d done.

Tonight I thought I’d tackle the conceptually similar but technically different task of putting some stuff on my MySpace page, but it seems I’ve selected the wrong type of page to start with, so I have to wait till they change it. So maybe I’ll try to solve my PC sound problem. I can only play music for five minutes or so, then it dies until I reboot. Also, playing music of any kind kill smy network connection, and hence my internet access. I’ve put up with this for a couple of months, principally by not trying to do anything musical, but I do need to tackle it.

Nice email from Sid Smith saying my comic-fan story pretty much matched his. If only we’d known each other then. Then there would have been eight of us! The fading of comics for me coincided with the rise of music, particularly the Incredible String Band, Tyrannosaurus Rex and King Crimson. Sid wrote the definitive (OK, maybe the only) book on King Crimson.

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