21 November 2005

Work: I love that expression ‘manage your expectations’, as in ‘Norman, I just came out of a meeting with xxx, and there are problems with our request that that material gets published urgently. I think you’ll have to speak to the implementation managers and manage their expectations.’ Now what does that mean?  Tell them it’s not going to happen (which is their expectation) but it’s all right, don’t worry, we’re in control? ‘Gaze into my eyes, gaze deeeeep – you didn’t really want it next week, you don’t mind if it’s February. February … February…’ 

Here’s a link to a collection I’ve seen elsewhere of the worst album covers ever. And just for contrast, here’s someone else’s list, which aren’t so gross but do include  people you’ve heard of. A shame no-one picked up on one that my friends and I used to go into the local record shop to drool at – Father Francis McHugh Sings Songs for You (on Thistle Records).

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