21/09/06 the Innocents

It’s tempting to head this up ‘The End of Innocence’ or some such tosh but that would be cheap, wouldn’t it?

Fact is I’ve decided the Innocents band should be laid to rest. The soul left the body some time ago – long before Mary left the group –  and it feels like it’s time to move on rather than attempt repair jobs.  There were all the usual internal band issues, and no doubt the many flaws in my personality did not help. I fully expect to share a stage or a studio with the individuals again, perhaps even soon, but it won’t be as a band.

The founding members were Alison and the G, but for the last few years the axis of the band was me, Lynsey and Mary, with support from Nelson, Fritz, Karen and the rest of the Decibelles, as well as Pete Rowan. My thanks and love go to all, and didn’t we have some good times?  I’d pick out the 2003 Fringe at the Cafe Royal, our 2004 mini-tour of London (OK, two gigs and some tourism) and the 2005 Celtic Connections as my highlights.

Meadows 2005

I’m looking forward to playing more solo spots, acoustic and loop-enhanced, with the freedom to dip into my back catalogue and covers repetoire on a whim. Plus there will be some activity with Gravy Spiders, possibly a CD.

Thanks to everyone who made the Innocents welcome in halls and hostelries over the years and I’ll leave you with the refrain from ‘Turn’:
[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”left”]Keep your innocence in mind

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