Just back from a weekend in London. This was my Christmas present to Madame and Pest, a weekend’s shopping and a West End show, with self as mentor and guide, courtesy of EasyJet and a friend who kindly gave up her flat for the weekend. Much sitting on big red buses and shoogly tube trains and we were into a two-woman assault on Top Shop in Oxford St, while I used up some HMV vouchers on six albums – when will I ever listen to six albums? – by Sylvian & Fripp, John Cooper Clarke, the Gossip, Eno, David Crosby and Slapp Happy.The to the fun but unaffordable Covent Garden and tube to the more fun and more affordable Camden Lock Market, just round the corner from the flat we were staying at. In the evening, Chicago at the Cambridge Theatre – excellent in every way. I was pressing Pest to teach me some simple dance moves but she declined. Today we headed for Madame Tussaud, which was a hoot, Kings Road, which wasn’t, and back to Camden market for a couple of last minute pressies. A nerve racking 90m journey to Luton through unexpected tube diversions brought us to the EasyJet checkin with minutes to spare. Home to find Plague had had a good weekend, not partying as we’d expected, but composing and recording his own music in privacy. He’d never left the house. So everyone had a good weekend.

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