Been spending more leisure time in front of the telly, watching two episodes of the new series of Lost, an excellent Paul Simon concert and a rental DVD of the Japanese epic Kagemusha. I’ll probably work my way through all the Kurosawa films.

Part of the reason for being downstairs is that I can hardly get anything done on my PC without reinstalling something after the weekend’s trouble. Well, it has forced me to send off the final tracks for Fiction 2 to LM for mastering – no more diddling about possible without Cubase!  I will need to reinstall it soon to continue with the work on what I think will probably be my last album, current working title Mind Out of Time. . I’m not saying I’ll never record any more songs, but as one-offs or EPs like   a possible Fiction 3.

Meanwhile I see someone in Leonard Cohen’s immediate circle has intimated that he’ll probably spend most of 2007 on tour. Last week I met a guy who had been a monk at Mount Baldy Zen Centre at the same time as Cohen. He was a bit sniffy about him, praising only his excellent sense of humour, but saying he had dispensation to sit in his cabin playing on his synth while everyone else had to work! His relationship with the Roshi was as much their mutual love of whisky as it was a traditional teacher-student relationship.

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