2/12/06 free CD

Just made up some CDs to give away at tomorrow’s Full Moon.

Rags On a Tree – a Norman Lamont sampler
1. Winter Sky (from The Wolf ..)
2. IOU (from Romantic Fiction 1)
3. Her Silk Machine (from Living Water – Innocents Live)
4. The Wolf Who Snared the Moon (from the Wolf …)
5. Nicole (from the forthcoming Romantic Fiction 2)

There are only ten copies, first come first served.

2 thoughts on “2/12/06 free CD”

  1. You crack me up. Hurry up there’s only 10 copies. There’s every chance you’ll still have some left after tomorrow or failing that they will make good coffee coasters.
    Dm, Am, Em, ha, ha, ha and you think that you’ve written a “classic”.
    Pretensiousness doesn’t even come close.

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