21/2/07 Jukebox updated

Some new tracks on the Radio Blog jukebox:

Warren Zevon – Keep Me In Your Heart: the last track from his last album, recorded as he was dying of cancer.
Ivor Cutler/Tommy MacKay – Whenitwants: Tommy adds a rock backing to Ivor. Ivor – a member of the Noise Abatement Society – would’ve hated it. I don’t.

Tom Waits – Jesus Gonna Be Here: minimalist stuff, makes
Heartbreak Hotel sound overproduced. How many slide guitarists would be
content to play just one note throughout a song?
The G – Glidemore: My favourite G song, cosmic lyrics with that familiar rattly acoustic sound. Hope we end up playing together again one day http://www.theg.co.uk
Silent4 – Johnny Cash is Gone: this
was sent me by the singer, a friend. I didn’t even know he was a
musician. Lovely arrangement, particularly the faraway backing vocals.
Rosie Bell – Urban Fox:
from her CD ‘Early Warning’. I did the guitars about a year ago. When I
first heard it I thought she must have overdubbed someone good playing
guitar over mine, but she says it’s all me! Get the CD at http://www.rosiebell.co.uk
Prince – Sign o the  Times: (no, I haven’t got the  right symbol)  – another minimalist masterpiece.
Paul McCartney – Jenny Wren: a
track I picked up somewhere, taken from his last album. I love this. He
uses the ‘Blackbird’ picking and chord style, but one of those
beautiful twisting McCartney melodies.
Oasis – Lyla: I heard this on the radio one day when it was released and was blown away by the sheer surge of the first few seconds.
New Christy Minstrels – three wheels on my wagon:
Daft song which turned up, unbelievably, on a Burt Bacharach
compilation. I remember it when I was a kid, but I’d never have
associated it with Bacarach.
Hungry Ghosts – Empty: the best studio recording of my old band, featuring singer Tricia Thom.
Ivor Cutler – Barabadabada: the unadulterated Cutler
Norman Lamont –  Club Soul City: this Springsteen cover (for the gig on Friday) gets another few weeks on the jukebox, cause it’s my jukebox!!

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