21/6/06 why?

Why do I do this? It’s a strange habit. Why do it publicly? Why not keep it private? Why on earth do 20 or 30 people read it?  Maybe it’s an equivalent to the tradition of writing letters to keep in touch with people. But doesn’t that make it more like the dreaded ’round robin’?

Pest left today for her first holiday with friends – in Rhodes. Big hugs all round and anxious ‘take care’s.

Over lunch a programme came on Radio 4 interviewing Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Seemed quite interesting but a little voice said ‘Do I really need to know this?’  The answer was ‘Not really’ and I went back to work.

Gravy Spiders rehearsal in the evening, quite satisfying. Pete, the drummer, has emerged as the disciplinarian of the band, not willing to accept fudging that the rest of us, particularly me, would accept. Most of my experiences in bands have been more ‘rough and ready’. I think, however, his attention to detail has been to the benefit of the music. There’s a really tight rhythm section here, over which I can play in random splatters in places, without throwing the rest of the song off-track.

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  1. I wonder the same thing about why i make public the inner workings of my mind, but i always think of it as a kind of cathartic experience. It’s more satisfying somehow than writing it for your own eyes only. Bit like song-writing!
    Well done in that american idols thing btw! And thanks for putting Bernard on your radioblog 🙂

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