21 Aug 2005

The Spiegeltent gig was a dream – beautiful place to play, an appreciative audience including many who’d never seen us before.  Although what many may remember is Lynsey desperately trying to kick my bass amp into action during the closer The Sea!
Went to OOTB’s opening night at Lamb’s House, where there was a respectable turnout. I was on the door, although I had to be nudged back to my duties as I got absorbed in the first song by Jake. The OOTB team have done a wonderful job on the stage, with a full bed, bedside light etc, right down to the discarded stuff on the floor. Highlight of the gig for me was Jill Hepburn, though: her new song ‘Snowflake’ is a gem.
Tonight we’re playing the self-same venue. All the details.

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