21 December 2005

Up 5:45 as planned, and after sit was doing my journal and decided to apply a familiar method (to me) to an unfamiliar problem. I’ve wanted for a long time to write some fiction but while I could write descriptive stuff and thought I could probably write characters if I had to, I could never imagine being able to write a plot for a novel. When I’ve written songs before it’s usually been a case of no preparation, just open my mouth and sing whatever comes out; so I decided to write a plot in the same way – start and keep writing. And within five minutes there it was. It may not be the best, but if I can do it once I can do it again.

Work was OK, nice to be back to it after the conference, and the talk with my manager did help me set some priorities for my time.

At the end of the afternoon a frustrating hour on the phone to two banks between whom I had tried to transfer some money, which they seem to have lost and each says it’s the other’s responsibility but it’s up to me to sort it. In other words each one says ‘It’s them and you have to sort them out.’ This is the second hour I’ve spent and got nowhere.

In the evening, rehearsal with Tricia, Sean and Pete (we must think of a name) where it began to gel a bit more and for the first time I seemed to produce some guitaring that was appropriate.

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