21 February 2006

Snapshots from the last couple of days:

  • using a new admin tool to delete 100 fake users (so far) from the Out of the Bedroom forum
  • struggling and repeatedly failing to update the jukebox on this page with a new selection of songs
  • arranging for a security company to quote us for lights outside the house and maybe a camera (a sniper’s rifle would do me fine)
  • writing a report outlining a new site for work, using the ‘Elements of User Experience‘ model of the wonderfully named Jesse James Garrett
  • sitting down at lunchtime for guitar practice and coming up with a lovely arpeggio-based idea
  • being unable to remember it next time I picked up the guitar
  • resolving to learn to write music properly
  • Madame and Pest glued to the Olympics ice dance
  • deciding, after 26 years of wanting to know, to use the PC to work out the guitar riff to The Sheltering Sky on the King Crimson Discipline album. I can play it now!
  • trying to write it down and asking Pest if I’d got it right. She wasn’t sure.
  • two hours of WaveForm exploration and absurd noises

Got a call from the company to whom I’d licensed some WaveForms pieces for a client of theirs who makes surfing films in Australia. They were very enthusiastic and want to licence them for another six months, so they’ll probably use them.

Email from Rosie Bell, very happy with the three tracks we’d done at the studio. That’s my part of that project completed. The next recording project will probably be one song with Karen Austin and Fraser and John, although it’s questionable what I can contribute to such august company.

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