21 July 2005

I’ve started to add bits to the site about the new CD. There will soon be audio samples and probably a cheap download facility, but in the meantime some info is on the CDs page.

At the Backpackers on Tuesday Jim Igoe and I were regaled by a notable local singer/songwriter and poet about his conviction that the London bombings were the work of the government, aimed at drawing attention away from G8 and allowing more draconian security legislation. He was very convinced and even ended up buying us both a drink in apology for laying it on so thick. I was sceptical but decided yesterday to trawl for the evidence. The trouble is, that when you find credible pages on the web that point to holes in the official accounts (as with 9/11), you’re never far away from drivel about Illuminati and the Freemasons and, of course, the Israelis being warned in advance (read ‘the Jews are behind everything’) – usually somewhere else on the same page.  Conspiracy theories appeal to that part of us that wants to believe in order – even if it’s a malign order – rather then the chaos, incompetence and bugger-mindedness of real life. Better a conspiracy than a mess.

1 thought on “21 July 2005”

  1. Too right, Norman. It constantly amazes me that people think there is some kind of ordered structure to life instead of the obvious chaotic mess most of us encounter. Sure, we try and impose our own kind of order/moral code on it, and quite right too, but life’s just too slippery to try and compartmentalise and rationalise. I like to maintain a (what I think is) healthy respect for my own insignificance and keep a sense of perspective.

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