20 March 2006

After a quite satisfying day’s work in Javascript, went to Out of the Bedroom Presents … at the Canon’s Gait. Just being back there brought back lots of good memories of the Full Moon Club and, before that, the Canon’s Gait weekly band open mic from a few years ago. Last night’s gig featured Jason Wringe, Jim Igoe, Hannah O’Reilly and Electric White Boy, all of whom had their moments.  It was nice to see some familiar faces among the audience, including the G. I find it hard to be an audience, though, especially for singer-songwriters. It takes mental effort, although as last night showed it can be rewarding. If I’m going to sit there and listen I guess I prefer it to be something I’ve no aspiration or possibility of doing, like electronic stuff or maybe jazz. With singer-songwriters there’s too much analysis and comparison going on, which I have to deliberately stop in order to have a chance of simply enjoying it.

A couple of people last night surprised me by saying they read this blog. Well, hello to you!

Techno-babble: I could be teetering on the edge of recording catastrophe as I discovered that moving a folder which contains Cubase files which use FL Studio for the drum track (as I normally do) has the unexpected result of destroying said drum track. I’ve moved all my Cubase files. I’ve discovered one song, Dorothy’s Book, that’s been decimated. I haven’t dared peek at the other ones I’ve been working on.

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