21 March 2006

Norman Lamont and the Innocents make their return to active service on Sunday April 23rd at the Listening Room, the Blue Blazer pub in Spittal St, 8pm, free! This is the first performance in six months and there will be new material and a few old favourites.

Speaking of favourites I’ve refreshed the jukebox on this page –

Tom Waits – Come On Up To the House: ‘get down off the cross, we can use the wood’
SoapKills – Tango: a Lebanese duo, kind of Arabic Everything But the Girl

Robin Williamson – In Four Quarters of the World: the great bard of the Incredible String Band came back in the 80s with a reflective album The Island of the Strong Door. To my mind this is as good as anything he did with the String Band.

Jonathan Richman – Corner Store: one of several versions he’s recorded, this one from Jonathan Goes Country with some great session pickers.

John Cale – Magritte: from his last-but-one, Hobo Sapien, which was a great inventive album.

Jacques Brel – Amsterdam: You might have heard David Bowie or Scott Walker (or me on a good night!) do this song in English. Here’s the original.

Jackie Leven – Night Lilies: from the live Man Bleeds in Glasgow. ‘Come gather round, assholes’

David Crosby – Laughing: a simply gorgeous wash of sound from 1970

Cat Stevens – Angelsea: it was hard to pick a track from Catch Bull At Four, where he broke free from the ‘acoustic singer songwriter’ mould, a good few years before breaking free from the music biz altogether. The drumming, by Gerry Conway, is particularly great.

Annie Lennox – The Saddest Song I’ve Got: not the saddest I know, but very affecting all the same!

1 thought on “21 March 2006”

  1. Jackie Leven Night lilies What a revelation! Such understated despair and self hatred!The lines ‘as long as the dead man inside me got laid’ and ‘I stroll to the kitchen but the knives are all dull’are particularly powerful.Great delivery,disturbing arrangement.
    This is not the saddest song that annie herself sings I don’t think .What about’Here comes the Rain again? or ‘No more I love Yous’ which never fails to make me break my heart in a very cathartic way.

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