21 October 2005 Hong Kong

Long flight to Hong Kong, a flight about which I remember mercifully little. We were met at the airport by  C, a HK resident for 15 years. She helped us find the shuttle bus port, where we were herded with military manners onto our bus by a  little  female sergeant major: ‘Comaan, comaan. Right – you sit HERE and you sit HERE!’

The night drive into Hong Kong was unforgettable, one of the most awesome (and slightly scary) sights I’ve seen in my life. What seemed like hundreds of hundred-story buildings, all beginning at different levels of unseen hillsides, a terrifying metropolis.

(These pics can be seen full size at the excellent Hong Kong, the City of Nights,)

We were then caught in a traffic jam for half an hour, gaping at the neon of Nathan St, tantalisingly close to our hotel.

From the same site:

We were all dropping by the time we got to our 11th floor room, but I couldn’t resist a half-hour walk through the nearby Temple St Night Market.  So crowded, an assault on all the senses. Hong Kong was the most alien place I’ve visited so far, a place where you can pass three shops in a row and have no idea at all what they’re selling. In the market, however, I do regret not buying the sunglasses with holographic eyeballs in them!

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