Here’s a different way for me to do things: decide to record it, record it acoustic, first take and get it on the site same night!

I’ve been invited to play a short set of Bruce Springsteen songs at Boss tribute night – more details when I have them – and made a plan to do a duet with another singer on Club Soul City, a song Springsteen wrote for a Gary US Bonds album, and a favourite of mine. He didn’t have it, and I couldn’t find the old cassette of the album that I had, and I had the house to myself for a few hours, so … the results are in the Radio Blog jukebox on the right. Not often I record just with acoustic and not even a click track, but it was great fun.

As for the rest of the tracks on the Jukebox:

The Handsome Family: Tesla’s Hotel Room – such a great lyricist, Rennie Sparks. This is from their most recent album The Last Days of Wonder.
Stevie Wonder: They Won’t Go When I Go – a vocal tour de force, from Fulfillingness First Finale, 197something.
Paul Simon: How Can You Live in the Northeast – Simon and Eno, who’d have thunk it? Lots of intelligence and heart too.
P6 Berklee Strut Boston – live recording of P6 – Adrian Belew on drums and triggered bass lines, Robert Fripp on lead and loops, wholly improvised.
Nick Cave – Pinery Boy – from that recent sea shanties album, whose name escapes me.
Madeleine Peyroux – Was I – this is a hoot, and what a guitar solo
Kate Bush – The Dreaming:  quite mad, great fun.
Graystar – Life Support – an Edinburgh band for a change; I saw them live a couple of years ago and they were superb
David Bowie – Thursday’s Child – I love this sad and quite intimate opener from the Hours album. Especially about halfway in where the backing vocalist makes a wrong start and he’s left it in. Nice touch.
George Harrison: Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long – after All Things Must Pass he gave us a lighter, more acoustic sound, very appealing.
Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks – Milk Shakin Mama: way back, I moved into a flat where I didn’t know anyone and one of my new flatmates introduced me to a Dan Hicks album, which he kindly left when he moved out
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billie – A Minor Place: a recent discovery, thanks to a neighbour, strangely vulnerable but with a kind of biblical authority.

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