22/4/06 Recording at last!

Norman Lamont and the Innocents at the Listening Room, Blue Blazer tomorrow night (Sunday) 8pm!

Domestic duties were discharged in the morning and Madame and Pest went off to Glasgow. I washed the windows, then sat down to do some recording. An element of consistency I want for the next lot of songs is to have Waveform loops behind them, so I decided to record some loops then see what songs they suited. After some time I got into some quietly demented stuff. Plague came in and grimaced. ‘Not your kind of music’, said I. ‘Not any kind of music’ said he.

I then put down a foundation guitar track for a long and desperately sad song called The Spell, which goes through several different musical sections. Finally, I managed to make up and record a riff in 15/8 that might form the basis of a song for The Band of Anonymity.

In the evening, after enjoying Dr Who, I edited some of these Waveforms into self-standing pieces, which are now on the In Progress page (or will be when they’ve crawled up the upload pipe.)

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