22/7/06 So near and yet …

Festival gigs on the ‘Live‘ page.

The website project was nearing completion yesterday. It was up for its most serious test yet, but the other developer working with me on it, who is in Andover, suffered a PC problem of the most fatal kind.  Just when we received pages of snagging (last minute small fixes). He managed to get enough action out of his machine to send his files to me, so I had to spend most of Friday and a good bit of Saturday doing his fixes as well as mine.

Friday night, took a notion to escape from the PC and went to the Forest Cafe where I saw Emily Scott and Pol. Rediscovered how twitchy and restless an audient I am, but I knew that anyway. When I see someone I like, it makes me want to be playing – simple as that. Brief chat with Emily about my suggestion of combining WaveForms ambient stuff with one or two of her songs, but I think she was just being polite.  Came home and practised guitar, sightreading and lots of jigs and hornpipes. Huzzah! A site visitor emailed me to say he enjoyed the selection of tracks on my jukebox. It’s always a surprise and treat to know people actually come here.

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