22 February 2006

Mary from the Innocents now has her own blog, as has Nelson.

Mixed rehearsal with Tricia, Sean and Pete, some good stuff before arguments and stuckness. Stuckness is often the prelude to something special but not tonight.

Some faces from my room (click for full size):

l-r: Gertrude, Lady Agnew of Lochnaw by John Singer Sargent, and a strange eggcup I’ve had since childhood; me ‘n’ Bob by Lynsey Hutchinson; icon bought in Rhodes; shrine with various gatherings; photo of Pestilence stuck to pencil holder – she hates this photo.


The Radio Blog jukebox is active and renewed now:

– Paul Simon – The Teacher from You’re The One; beautifully subtle in words and music, and in 11/4, no less
– Momus – Professor Shaftenberg  – ‘sponsored by Lufthansa to screw the pants off Japanese girls’. Well, really.
– Robert Fripp – Midnight Blue – a soundscape from the master
– Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life – the voice is so well recorded, so intimate
– Joni Mitchell – Hejira – I had this album for over a year before I discovered the instrument I loved so much on it was a fretless bass (played by Jaco Pastorius)
– David Bowie – Bring Me The Disco King – best track from the best album he’s done in years
– The Incredible String Band – The Waltz of the New Moon – someone said ‘Williamson’s voice obeys the rules of music like birds obey air traffic control’
– Eddi Reader – Honeychild – she gets all sorts of people writing songs for her (including me, I wish) but she can write this by herself. To my mind it has the spirit of Tim Buckley and she doesn’t need songwriters
– Ivor Cutler – A Warning to the Flies – this man was recording this stuff in 1959!
– someone – This Horse – I uploaded this as a test when I was having trouble uploading to this jukebox, so why not leave it? I quite like it after all this time.

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