22 January 2006

Sleepless night after returning from Fife. Pest had been out clubbing and one of her friends’ drinks was spiked, resulting in Pest, the friend and the friend’s dad waiting for three hours in A&E while tests were done. In the end, no great harm, but a worrying night for everyone. We kept in touch by phone.

Visit from Madame’s dad. Arts Festival committee meeting. All under the haze of lost sleep and too much wine last night.

Plague around more these days, so some rare opportunities to chat, mostly about computers and wrestling. You just talk about whatever he wants to talk about, there’s no point in trying to introduce anything else. Nice to spend time with him without arguing, though.

Guitar practice in the evening – that’s every day but one since I returned from the course. Left hand a good bit more under control, right wrist a bit sore.

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