22 March 2006

9.20 Write down two aims for the day’s work
1.30  Revise it. Only one is achievable in the time.

Email from Karen, with whom I was to be recording for the next OOTB compilation CD. She’s got flu and has lost her voice. She’s trying medication.

2.30 Teleconference with work colleagues, reporting on a two-day planning session that happened last week. I doodle eleven faces, and watch a cat across the road try to stuff itself into an air vent.

3.30 Karen’s voice has not been found. The session is off. Fortunately we have a good recording from the practice session at Fraser’s the other week. This means I can go to jujutsu tonight.

Back to the task, but I can’t quite get it finished. Nearly there. Make dinner for Madame and Pest, and head out to jujutsu. We can only have half our time as the hall wasn’t booked for the normal period. I find myself leading the class as the teacher is off for a couple of weeks; I’m the most ‘senior’ but arguably the worst practitioner.

After dinner, enjoy The Apprentice. Just before it Pest discovers on the UCAS website she’s got an acceptance for Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

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