23/04/06 The Room Listened

After a day so devoid of interest I can’t actually remember most of it,  The Innocents played the Listening Room at the Blue Blazer. This must be the fourth time I’ve played there, and it’s always a pleasure. No stage, no mics, no other barriers between the performer and the audience, it’s more like a folk session. The audience have chosen to come through to the back room, so they’re there to hear what you’re doing and the closeness, the warmth and the humour of the audience is the main point of the night. Last night there were many old friends in the audience and some new friends.

Our spot was preceded by an open mic session, which included the exceptional Graeme Mearns. (His new electric band play Henry’s Celler Bar on Friday.) Our set went largely as planned, after we’d rearranged the room to fit five people in what’s essentially a solo performance spot at the fireplace.  Listening back to the recording I made on the iRiver, I seem to have charged into some of the songs at twice their normal speed but that’s live for you …

This was Nelson‘s last gig with us, and it’s been a pleasure having him in the band – always good-humoured, alert, musically spot-on, versatile and positive. I’m sure we can nab him back on a consultancy basis from time to time. Forgot to present him with a gold watch, though.

Afterwards, sold a few CDs, bought Graeme Mearns’s CD and had a chat about receding hair, first time musical performances, and gay men’s secret codes.

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