23/3/07 OOTB 250

Last night saw Out of the Bedroom’s 250th night. Due to a power cut in the Canon’s Gait basement (but strangely not upstairs) it was hurriedly redesigned to an all-acoustic affair with a swift one-song turnaround, and pretty damn good at that. Even as a restless audient I enjoyed the 20 or so performers who got up with the minimum of fuss, poured everything they had into one song and handed over to the next. As one of the venerable old biddies who had played at the first night in 2001 I had a 15m spot along with Jim Igoe/Nelson Wright, Freeloading Frank and Gordon of Ballboy. I’d intended to do something quiet but given a largish pub and no mic, I resorted to shouting and clowning. They seemed to like it anyway and no-one attacked me on the way out.

Today, a day off work in order to move forward some slow agenda items: a publicity pack to get me fabulous paying gigs across the world, another stab at putting some guitar on a Lyndsay Sugden track,  preparation for the first Gravy Spiders rehearsal since last August, a redesign of this site and researching new furniture for this little office.

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