23/6/07 When not being a singer/songwriter

A couple of performance photos sent by friends. The first is from Thursday’s Institut Francais performance. Norman_waveforms_400
This was a WaveForms performance in a small room, following a very funky Latin band. The first WaveForm was badly executed, curtailed quickly and raised doubts in the minds of the audience; the second was well performed and cleared the room but for two friends and one or two others. I then thought it kind to relieve the tension by doing some songs (maybe the tension was only mine), but held true to the WaveForms spirit of improvisation by making one of them She Said She Said using a drone I’d never used before, the other a French folk song I’d never sung in public before, playing only a simple bassline because I didn’t know the chords. So I didn’t feel a total wimp. I finished with a semi-WaveForm, my loop-based version of John McLaughlin’s Lotus Feet, which I and, I think, the remaining audients enjoyed. Pete Rowan, who took the photo, suggested I should have stuck to my guns. One thing I had reinforced to me is that this kind of music requires very intense concentration on the player’s part and a shaky start can undermine the whole show (whereas songs I can do with my eyes shut and one leg tied behind my ear). 
And here’s Ivor Cutlery’s debut at the Ferry Fringe, courtesy of Scott Renton.

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