23/7/06 day off

Watched ‘Terminal’ with Madame last night. We found it quite enjoyable hokum, and she said at the end: ‘I’m glad we didn’t pay to see it at the cinema.’  This would be unremarkable, except that (a) she says it about every film we see on TV or DVD and (b) I can’t remember the last time she went to the cinema. Speaking of which I was going to finally go and see X-Men 3 but was too late, it’s been blasted off the cinema schedules by Superman. Bah.

Today, a day off work, give or take half an hour, and catching up with my life, admin, correspondence and thinking about music, in particular the recording session we won for Acoustic Idols. Also bought some trousers and shoes in the Next sale. I know, too much information …

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