Last night’s WaveForms at St John’s was a career high-point for me. There have been few gigs in my life I’ve enjoyed so much. Of the five pieces I played, the quality on four of them was so different from my rehearsals I couldn’t believe it – it must have been the inspiration of the place and audience. I was left with that most difficult of sensations for the non-theist – waves of gratitude. There were glitches – like when I started off the second piece with a thumping kick drum! –  but I think I’ve now found the right balance of structure and improvisation for this sort of music, and the right length (around 8 minutes max). Thanks to everyone who came and to the people at St Johns.

The pieces:

  • Cathedral (on the jukebox)
  • Glass
  • The End of the Road
  • The Failure of Diplomacy (on the jukebox)
  • Lotus Feet (by John McLaughlin)

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