23 January 2006

Good day, lots of intentional activity, less drifting.

I always feel pleased when I manage something with Javascript, and I did this morning.

First attempt to get a date suitable for all the Innocents for a reunion failed; will try another date tomorrow.

Returned to Jujutsu class for first time since just before Christmas; completely unfit, gasping for breath.

Noodling on Pest’s nylon-string guitar before bed, came dangerously close to writing a song. It’s tempting, the chorus is almost there, but the last thing the world needs is another one, especially such a gloomy melody and chord sequence. A traditional chord sequence of exquisite gloominess!

Incredibles first album
By the way, Incredible String Band’s first album is featured on its own programme:

BBC Radio Scotland, Great Scottish Albums, Tuesday 28th February @ 1130 on BBC Radio Scotland. Repeated Sunday 5th March @1105. 

Featuring interviews with Mike Heron, Robin Williamson, Clive Palmer and my friend Adrian Whittaker. Now we’ll get the truth about whether the lump in Clive’s shirt was in fact the albums he’d nicked from Joe Boyd.

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