23 September 2005

Back from London where I was working in the very plush offices of Accenture, just across the road from the Old Bailey.
Old BaileyOld Bailey

I wasn’t looking forward to going but had quite a good time, the main event being a family wedding I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to attend. That was special.

Had dinner in a Tunisian restaurant near Covent Garden. The owner was waiting on all the tables – following the London bombs custom had dropped to the degree he couldn’t afford to employ any waiters. One more bomb, he said, and he’d go out of business, losing his home and mortgage in the process – him and just about everyone in the street.

Sitting in Accenture’s office, it was like Dilbert come to life. All hot-desking cubicles (i.e. no-one has their own space, you just book a desk for the day and plug in your laptop) as far as the eye can see; the world is run from places like this.

Started writing some autobiographical stuff – nothing to do with music and probably far more interesting and unusual stuff than bands and gigs. I’ll probably post some of it here soon, as it begins to explain the forthcoming trip to New Zealand.

Here’s a picture of man and pedalboard playing ambient WaveForms at the Queensferry Arts Festival exhibition. Courtesy of Joyce on the photography workshop.

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