2/4/06 Layer cake

Another cracking rehearsal yesterday afternoon with The Band With A Shortlist of Two Names One of Which Sucks.

In the evening watched most of the sets by myself and the Houdini Box at the Left Bank last year. My father-in-law is editing them for possible DVD cheapos, for mine at least. What Lyns does with hers is up to her, but watching it gave me a slight twist of sadness but overall a feeling of pride that this was a band that gave a fine performance that night – especially Lyns – and I’m glad to have been part of it. There were lots of might-have-beens and should-have-beens about that band,  but this was a great show and I hope more people get to see it sometime.

Also watched Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, which had a lot of ‘this is the film of the computer game’ but the last part of which was quite satisfying and made it worthwhile. Enough opinions have been expressed about this film when it came out so that’s enough from me.

The other night in the car I started making up a new song, the first for about a year or more. (Norman to the muse: ‘I don’t want any more songs, I’ve got more than I can ever record or perform. Go away!’  Muse to Norman: ‘Shut up and hum!’). I’d like The Aforementioned Band to do it – Tricia could sing this way better than I could – but at the moment we need more rockers than ballads. Tonight, though, I sat down to work up a demo of it for them and ended up in full Spector mode, throwing on layer after layer and having tremendous fun. Four guitars, bass, synth pad, drums, timpani, tambourine, tubular bells – the power!

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