Over the last few days, editing final mix of songs for Romantic Fiction 2.  I have three songs in finalish form, and sat down to choose a fourth from three contenders,  but settled for a fourth and fifth, with the sixth destined for download somewhere.

Received some  video software from my father in law and edited a performance video from the Left Bank a couple of years ago, which I’ll soon be able to put on YouTube and MySpace, just like the young people do. How with-it.

Today, a rainy drive to Ayr with Plague to lay flowers on my mother’s grave. Tonight, a Gravy Spiders meeting to consider next steps.

The lyrics game still looks pretty bare. C’mon Cloudy, for a man who buys more CDs than the rest of us have ever seen, you should be able to unlock some of these!

1 thought on “24/09/06”

  1. Stung into action – but can only get two I’m afraid…
    9. Baby if you just say you care, I’ll follow you ‘most anywhere
    Mott the Hoople – Roll Away the Stone
    19. Trumpets – I can hear trumpets!
    David Byrne on Robert Fripp’s God Save the Queen?

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