A day of missed opportunities and techno-frustration at work. Most of these were outside my control but one missed opportunity was caused by my trusting my memory about the time of an event rather than looking in my diary, where the correct time was to be found.

Evening: practising for Rosie Bell’s set and, if I’m on time, a Norman OOTB set using loops. Watched the end of Revenge of the Sith with a mocking Madame and a sign language for the deaf popup: the ultimate in Brechtian alienation. Tried to impress upon her the importance of the scene of the birth of Luke and Leia and Darth’s helmet going on. ‘Now can I go to bed?’, she said. Watched a bit of King Crimson Eyes Wide Open DVD. Belew dances and is filled with delight; Fripp occasionally gives a half-grin his way.

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