24 March 2006

A busy but unstressed day at work. Despite sleeping the whole night I’ve woken as tired as if I’d been up all night. Later I take a ten-minute nap using a self-hypnosis technique I was taught by a hypnotherapist years ago. It never fails to refresh me.

I’m surprised and rather chuffed at the dedication with which I’ve done half an hour’s guitar practice almost every day since the Guitar Craft course in January. Nothing flash, just finger and picking exercises. In the evening I discovered this guitar lesson in Frippery. I didn’t know these pieces but had lots of fun playing them. Interrupted by dinner, which spilled over into a rare viewing of EastEnders then the excellent Karen Dunbar. Then back to the exercises. I can play them but at a meagre fraction of the intended speed. Speaking of the Venal Leader I’ve discovered that he’s Soundscaping in churches in Exeter and Norwich in June and that Flybe goes to these towns from Edinburgh for less than a fiver. I’m for that.

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