25/04/06 Listen in your room

Thanks to friends who sat patiently with my iRiver on their table recording the gig (and being very tactful about what they said!) I’ve been able to put the entire gig on the site on the Songs page.

I make no claims for the quality of the recording – it’s mono, full of background noise etc, but consider it a snapshot, not a wedding album! There are some unique bits, like Big Jim’s introduction, and the burst of laughter that greets the opening of Wolf (I think it came from the main bar), and best of all, the community singalong on This Horse. Hope you like it.

Having had my new site hits counter up for a week, it’s interesting to see what gets hit on. After the homepage, my second most popular page is Jerusalem – probably as a result of people searching on Google for the William Blake lyrics! I had no idea anyone ever went to that page. Third is the picture gallery – what are these people on?

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