2/5/06 courtesy of houdini

0800 – was ready to call Enterprise as soon as they opened about the courtesy car they were to provide under our insurance, expecting delays and problems about Plague’s age, with the imagined scenario of having to go back to the insurance company to argue it out. Instead the phone rang at 8 on the dot, just as I was sitting down to phone them, and they could not have been more straightforward and helpful. Plague got a Fiesta in good time for driving to work, and they even offered to deliver it to home. We’ve used Enterprise a couple of times when we’ve needed to hire cars, and their service has always been good – it’s just that hassle leads to the expectation of more hassle, and the donning of psychic defenses. It’s such a relief to put them down again!

1300 – With my iRiver on random play, the Houdini Box’s Four Chambers came crashing in, the first time I’ve listened to it in months. I’ve never been involved in anything so ferocious – a good recording of a great song.

1930 – another good rehearsal with The Band Who… and a self-imposed deadline to choose a name.

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