A ‘quick job’ in the afternoon turned into a struggle as I stumbled across one of those Javascript techniques that works in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox. I found a way round that only to find I was getting an error message in both browsers from one page, while a seemingly identical page worked perfectly. I hate the feeling of completing a day’s work, shutting down the machines and clearing my notes, knowing that there’s an unknown problem still to solve the next day.

I left home before 6:30 to be sure of getting a spot at OOTB, but there was a massive traffic flow going into Edinburgh and it took almost 45m, by which time the roster was full. Damn! It was quite a night, though, not so much the songwriting in evidence, although that wasn’t bad, but the guitar skills of some of the performers were very impressive and, in one case, astonishing. Sadly, your correspondent will not be counted among these for his contribution to Rosie Bell’s set as faults in his practice amp made him sound like a cat being fisted in a jet engine. I brought that amp for its size; having had it repaired several times, my only options are to take the big bass amp, which I can barely carry, to gigs, or buy one of the new small-but-powerful ones. Rosie fared well, but it was despite the accompaniment rather than because of it.

Also at OOTB, the first four sales of the CD, without even singing a note! (Is there a message there?)

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