25/4/06 Not exactly idol

Sometime last year I borrowed from the library Sinead O’Connor’s album of traditional Irish songs, Sean-Nos Nua and loved it. I finally bought it (I’m slow) and find it’s even better than I remember it. It’s had me almost a-blubber a few times, definitely choked. I’ve always wanted to do folk songs as a sideline and enjoyed the ones I did with Alison when she was in the Innocents. Maybe next year…

Another great rehearsal with The Band Who …etc.  How to describe this music, though? It’s still forming so that makes it hard. Tonight was quite anarchic.

Got home to discover I’m an American Idol. The Ballad of Bob Dylan has been voted no 37 (zooming up from 178!) in the American Idol Underground Folk chart. No, I didn’t know it existed either.

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