25/5/06 Clearing out

As always when I’ve been away, the next day is a day of clearing out the Inbox, or rather the three inboxes of my two work addresses and one home address.

Following David Allen’s rule:
– if there’s an action and you can do it in two minutes, do it
– if there’s an action that’ll take longer, write it down and file the email
– if there’s no action but you might want the email get it out of the inbox into a folder
– if none of the above – DELETE!

Aah, the pleasure of an empty inbox!

Pest is hooked on Big Brother. A few nights ago I came into the room and some spoilt bint was screeching like a toddler about how she couldn’t live without her bottled woahtah.  That few minutes put me off the notion of ever watching any of it again.

Very sleepy – an early night beckons.

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