25/6/07 it’s the thought that counts

Final meeting of the Ferry Fringe committee last night, to which I brought a box of chocolates for the staff of the hotel in which we’ve been meeting all year.  On the way there I thought ‘it’s a bit mean to do that and not get one for the committee’ but when I went to the shop it was closed and I was late already so I just headed on to the meeting. I laid the box on the table and said something like ‘this is for here, just to say thanks’ and went off to do something else. When I came back minutes later, the committee were tucking in, thinking it was a kind present from me to them. Anyone with a decent sense of dignity-preservation would have simply smiled and accepted their thanks, but I wailed ‘that was for the hotel!’ causing embarrassment and laughs all round.

Meantime, the revamped normanlamont.com website struggles to its feet and begins to stagger towards completion …

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