25/7/06 Dilemna

The Big Project moved to the live server this afternoon. Meanwhile typos are still being discovered but most of it works, which is a considerable relief.  It doesn’t go public (to the company’s intranet) till Thursday so there’s time for more little fixes.

Drinking a lot of banana milkshake since the weekend where I did an online shop in a hurry and ordered 2 bags of bananas instead of 2 bananas.

Discussion with Lyns over upcoming recording session. There’s a dilemna about Nicole: to build on the existing tracks I’ve done, with a MIDI drum track, and therefore complete the recording; or use the studio time to record live drums and recreate everything else on top of that, at the risk of going into the studio and coming out with little more than a drum track. Drums are notoriously time-consuming to record. So it’s ‘a good feel’ vs ‘getting it finished’. This is the rational part; there is also the various personal desires and dislikes of musicians, songwriter, producer and engineer to throw into the mix.

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