25 December 2005

Happy Christmas to all my visitors!

I was slightly under the weather due to the start of another cold, the third in a month. This period of threatening-to-start colds coincides with a regular intake of echinacea, which promises to repel colds. How curious. Last year, at the prompting of Houdini Box oboeist Valerie, I started taking fresh lime juice every morning, with the assurance I’d never have another cold. Again, the frequency of colds shot up, and reduced when I stopped taking it.

In the morning we were preparing for a visit of Madame’s family; I brought something through to the living room where Pest was watching Shrek 2 on TV. I got hooked, and watched it to the end; it only had about 10 minutes to go. I was sure I’d seen it before but didn’t remember anything and thoroughly enjoyed it. Pest said it would be on again later and I could see the rest. Later, after the meal, we put it on again and it was at almost exactly the same point in the film as this morning. So I saw the ending twice in one day. Still good, though.

Most of the day we had Madame’s father and sister over, and tried, with the exception of Shrek 2, to keep to her family tradition of a TV-free Christmas day. We had a large and enjoyable lunch, a fair bit of wine, a walk through the frosty village, and a board game (True or False, which I got years ago) then just chatted. Pest stayed in all day, Plague came and went. I tried to take some photos but the batteries in the camera had run out; after trying eight batteries I found some that worked but by then the mood had passed.

South Queensferry - the bridges, Christmas day.

South Queensferry – the bridges, Christmas day.

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