25 July 2005

Took Madame and Pestilence to Glasgow Airport yesterday afternoon for their week’s holiday in Ibiza. I elected to stay here and have a week of free time to dedicate to music. This needs to be planned this morning but will comprise recording here, spending some time learning music software (FL Studio), and some time with friends. A session with Sean and Tricia, an H Box rehearsal and possibly a session with Fraser Drummond. The list of possible things to do is way beyond what I can do in a week, but I should have something to show for it.

Pestilence and I sat watching the news come in of the attempted bombings in London, and she said ‘The word’s gone mad. It never used to be like this.’  I felt so angry and sad that my sixteen-year-old daughter should be feeling that about the world she’s entering.

Last night played the Three Tuns with the H Box. There was disorganisation and delay to start with, not on the usual scale of H Box venues but still enough to dishearten. I lost my WaveForms opening set to an Australian singer-songwriter who’d been double-booked. But as is often the case, a gig that starts off like that can turn out to be a good one, and the band turned in a good and enjoyable performance, with several friends in the audience. I could have done a WaveForms set afterwards but calculated that the effect on my rising this morning would be detrimental. I have to begin this week properly, not just drift into it, so I need to be alert.

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